A few weeks back we posted a series of official MINI UK documents detailing everything from technical data to a full option listing to even paint color. Since then we’ve noticed that they’ve made their way around almost every corner of the MINI web inevitably being sought out by soon to be 2007 owners. So to make them a bit easier to find we’ve decided to gather each story and PDF link and repost them here. You’ll also be able to find this link on the top right of the site for the next month or so.

Official R56 Options PDF (UK Market)

Grab a refreshing beverage and pull-up a comfy chair, we’ve got all kinds of official information on options for the 2007 MINI Coupe. While this PDF is meant for the UK market, it should give us some general ideas on specification and pricing for other markets as well.

[ 2007 R56 Options (UK Market) ] Official PDF

Official R56 Technical Data PDF (UK Market)

We’ve got numbers. Loads and loads numbers on every aspect of the new 2007 MINI. Everything from top speed (140mph for the MCS) to battery placement (next to the engine as reported previously). For those into the technical aspects of the car, you may want to print it out and start highlighting as this will surely help win some bets in the years to come. Keep in mind that this is UK market specific so it may be slightly different from country to country.

[ 2006 R56 Technical Data (UK Market) ] Official PDF

Official R56 Colour Options PDF (UK Market)

Looking to spec your MINI a little early? You’ll definitely want to download this official colour options PDF. It breaks down what is available with each model and what interior and exterior combinations can be ordered together. Like the others we’ve posted recently it’s UK specific but should remain similar to other markets.

[ 2007 R56 Cooper S Colour Options (UK Market) ] Official PDF

[ 2007 R56 Cooper Colour Options (UK Market) ] Official PDF

R56 Standard Specifications (UK Market)

We’ve given you the official UK colour options, technical data, options list, and even the first brochure. Today we’ve got the 2007 official UK market standard specifications PDF. Enjoy:

[ 2007 Official R56 Standard Specifications PDF (UK Market) ] Official PDF

Size and Technical Specifications

[ 2007 official MINI specs ] Official PDF