Looks like the boys over at GoAuto have been reading MotoringFile over the past few months. They rattle off several exclusive scoops we’ve had at MF recently and give us even further insight into what to expect in the years ahead for the new MINI.

>A Mini insider has also revealed that, for performance versions that might exceed about 300Nm, BMW will most probably resort to using four-wheel drive.

>The reason why is simple. Since handling balance and finesse are a Mini cornerstone, BMW will not allow this to be compromised by having too much torque going through the front wheels.

>It also sees the possibility of a 4WD version of the Traveller breaking into markets with alpine ski areas, in much the same way as Subaru has managed with its all-wheel drive model Impreza and Liberty/Legacy models.

They also tackle the question that we’ve eluded to for awhile, what to expect in the R58. As we’ve said in the past, MINI is very interested in a AWD derivative of the new MINI. The question really is how to position the model along-side the other cars in the showroom. We’ll have more on the R58 (and confirmation of it’s final form – AWD or not) in the months ahead)

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