We’ve long heard opinions on what could be the most popular colors. We’ve seen forum polls and threads long enough to bind and sell as books about the topic. However we’ve not recieved any official information on the topic until now. So start the drum-rolls, here are the two most popular MINI colors sold both globally and in the US: Chili Red and BRG.

Unsurprisingly MINI has decided to carry over these two on the 2007 R56 MINI as well. So look for the streak to continue.

For those who may have missed it. Here’s the full R56 color offerings:


Oxygen blue (MC only)
Mellow Yellow (MC & MCS)
Chili Red (MC & MCS / Unchanged)
Pepper White (MC & MCS / Unchanged)


Nightfire Red (MC only)
Laser Blue (MCS only)
Sparkling Silver (MC & MCS)
Lightning Blue (MC & MCS)
British Racing Green (MC & MCS / Unchanged)
Pure Silver (MC & MCS / Unchanged)
Dark Silver (MCS only / Unchanged)
Astro Black (MC & MCS / Unchanged)

If you’re waiting for a closer look, US dealers should have all exterior and interior color and material samples in November. In Europe and the UK, dealers should have these materials now.