But not like you have ever seen before. There is a Japanese company that makes a Kei car, as well as the newly introduced Suzuki MR Wagon, look like a MINI or VW Beetle.

>Blog Auto already leaned on several occasions on this strange propensity of the Japanese to disguise their cars in the other cars. A recent mania which must be connected in the psychΓƒΖ’Γ†’Γƒβ€šΓ‚Β© national one with this other hobby popular, the cosplay, which a pleasure will be made of explaining you in detail the amateur of mangas of your entourage. Always it is that the discovery of today is a new manifestion of this phenomenon, with the company ESB STYLE which claims this time to graft an air of BMW Mini to various kei, of which the news Suzuki MR. Wagon and Mitsubishi older.

You can read the rest of the poorly translated post below.

Thanks to MF reader Pierre-Laurent for sending this in.

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