Online automotive magazine Winding Road has put together a great review of the R56.

>Drivetrain aside, our chief fear with the new Mini was that the inclusion of electronic power steering and standar-fit 16-inch run-flats would conspire to create numb steering feel. Perhaps it’s because this Mini was designed with the hard sidewalls of the latter in mind, or because the tire industry is serveral generations in on the technology, but both steering feel and ride are genuinely on-par with the outgoing model (which itself set a pretty high bar). As before, the Mini can be confidently placed, absolute grip levels are excellent, and when the rear end eventually packs it in, it does so in credibly progressive fashion. A limited-slip differential is promised, though no such testers were on hand to sample.

>Natuarally, Mini has not ignored the car’s interior, giving it a thorough going-over as well. Meaningful changes include a new instrument panel and door cards, along with redesigned seats that address what was once a literal sore-spot. Higher quality materials are evident throughout, and the fittings have lost little of their charm, though some might still argue that the interior is overdesigned.

This is the best review I have seen so far, and it even includes a great video of the R56 in Spain during their review drive.

Winding Road is unique in it’s delivery system. Only available online, not in print, has given them the ability to offer it free of charge. All you have to do is provide an email address so they can tell you when the next print-ready issue is ready for download. For this review alone it is definitely worth subscribing.

Keen Motoringfile readers might notice something familiar about the sites as well.

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