Consumer Reports has again rated the MINI in the top 10 best cars at holding its initial value. Here’s an excerpt from CR:

>Which cars hold their value the best? According to Consumer Reports’ depreciation ratings, several affordably priced models—such as the Toyota Prius hybrid, Mini Cooper, and youth-oriented Scion models—hold their value better than higher-priced sports and luxury models. And while all of the top 10 models have either Japanese or European nameplates, nine of the bottom 10 are domestic models. Contributing to their high depreciation is the fact that many are older models, commonly used by fleets and rental companies, and often heavily discounted.

MINI scored 2nd place behind the Prius. CR had this to say.

>Mini Cooper This trendy, fun-to-drive retro-hatch/convertible has generated a cult following reminiscent of Volkswagen’s Beetle. While the reliability of early models was below average, it has improved to average in recent years, according to CR’s Annual Car Reliability Survey. $17,500 to $25,500.

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