Autoweek writer Mark (three MINI articles in one issue) Vaughn had a chance to spend some quality time with a new 2006 Dinan Cooper S. Dinan, long one of the more respected names in the BMW aftermarket, was only too happy to roll-out their ultimate MINI. Here’s an excerpt:

>First, let’s pop the hood. The Dinan catalog boosted horsepower from 168 stock to 205 with a cowl induction intake, performance cam, throttle body, boost upgrade system, exhaust and software tweaks. The new engine was our favorite improvement—every on-ramp and every exit from a long sweeper was an excuse to stay on the throttle to redline, listening to the exhaust and feeling the power. That 205 hp is a big step above even the 175 hp of the new 2007 Cooper S.

>Our car had the Stage 3 suspension system with Dinan springs, Koni rebound-adjustable shocks and struts, adjustable rear antiroll bar and front camber plates. With all those adjustments, there’s room to play around and really get your car out of balance. The suspension kits come set at what Dinan thinks is a good base, and you can screw it up from there if you like. We might have wanted to tune in a little more rebound control, for instance.

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