For those interested in the Craven Speed short shift kit, MF Garage Night contributor Ken Endres Just recently installed the short shifter and optional shift well cover in his MINI and gives us the following review.

>So you want a quick shift and in style? Craven Speed has the answer. It’s their, adjustable, short shifter.

>Craven Speed is a well designed and great looking piece. Adjusting the throw is easy and well engineered. You simply turn the collar at the base of the stick and that enables you to go from Sunday smooth to Track Day quick in seconds.

>The short shifter accepts your stock shift knob or you can purchase a custom knob to complete the package. You can also have Craven Speed put your favorite logo or the car name on top.

>I was interested in the Shift Well Cover and I’m glad I asked about it because it too is a cool custom piece. It really shows off the shifter with style and (as seen in the picture above) can even be engraved with just about anything you like. I was taking a test ride with an SA and it was the first thing he noticed when he entered the car. “That’s cool” were the words he used to describe it. I have to agree.

>Installation of a short shifter designed to replace your stock stick is a bit more involved than other designs but it does the job even better than the original. However I would search the web before you start as the included instructions are good but fall short on a few steps when it comes to removing the stock retaining ring and shift lever.

>I installed the shifter the night before a drive and used the shortest setting for the day. This is my first short shifter and I have to say the adjustability is truly an asset.

>If you get tired of the short shift setting you can go to a stock throw or, any where in between, in seconds. If by chance someone unfamiliar with a short shifter is going to drive your car, you can set the shifter back to a stock setting with no tools just turn the ring and pull up on the stick.

>While the Craven short Shifter is generally a great addition to any car, there are two suggestions that I would make that would set this apart even more from the competition. One; offer an alloy wrench as an option then allow owners to order their name or car name etched onto the handle. Two; offer an even shorter version of this adjustable shifter for the driver that wants the ultimate in short shifters but, will still allow less experienced drivers handle the short shift with ease.

>I’ve seen shorter shifters and if Craven offered this particular design in an even shorter length with (a similar adjustment range) I think they would corner the market on short shifters for MINIs.

>For fit, quality and style I give the Craven Speed short shift kit a Motoringfile grade of 4.0. Its well made, great looking, and a fantastic improvement in feel over the stock set-up. Not bad for only $170.

The short shifter is available from Motoringfile sponsor Craven Speed for $169.95.

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