More on safety, this time MSNBC takes a crack at it.

>The economy vehicles were tested by the institute for the first time because high gasoline prices have made the small cars more popular. The vehicles, which typically weigh about 2,500 pounds or less, raise some safety concerns because of how they would interact with larger vehicles in a crash.

>“People traveling in small, light cars are at a disadvantage, especially when they collide with bigger, heavier vehicles. The laws of physics dictate this,” said institute president Adrian Lund.

>The 2006 Mini Cooper was rated good on frontal evaluation and acceptable on the side. The newly redesigned 2007 version is expected in showrooms in the end of February, BMW of North America spokesman Thomas Plucinsky said.

This is pretty much the same thing we saw earlier this week.

There is video on the site that requires Internet Explorer to view.

[ Smaller cars perform poorly in crash tests ]