Now it’s the turn of the ignorant newspaper columnist. Here’s one is from today’s Chicago Tribune:

>Before you rush out to buy a mini car to save a few dollars on your weekly gas bill, check out how those little machines fare in crash tests. The money you save on gas might have to be spent on getting the crinkles out of the body panels, according to results released this week of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s first crash tests on subcompacts.

>”The laws of physics dictate that people traveling in small, light cars are at a disadvantage,” said Adrian Lund, Insurance Institute president.

>The study, of course, is more than a bit self-serving. The institute represents the nation’s major auto insurance companies, and the safer the car, the lower the claim coming out of its members’ pockets.

While the title of the column is incredibly misleading, at least he gets the self-serving aspect of the study. But beyond that you’d think he’s remember all those various studies showing how dangerous SUVs and trucks are due to roll-over accidents and how high a percentage of those type of accidents result in death. How quickly we forget.

You can read the entire article below. Take special note of the author’s email address at the bottom of the article. Feel free to let him know how ridiculously misleading his column’s title is.

[ Size matters: Mini cars pose big safety risks ] Chicago Tribune