We’ve been talking about this a lot lately over at WRR as Todd, and other GP owners, have been trying to figure out how they can retrofit them into their cars.

MF Reader Murmini has actually produced a great write-up about Xenon’s and how they work.

>So instead of using a filament, that heats up and glows when voltage is applied, as is the case with incandescent lamps, the Xenon light source creates light from an electrical discharge between two electrodes in a microenvironment of xenon gas.

>These lights are capable of producing 2500 – 3000 lumens of light, for the meagre consumption of about 40 watts or power. While halogen lights only produce around 700 lumens for a similar power consumption.

It’s a great article and really does a good job of explaining the Xenon headlamp system found in so many of our cars.

[ Xenon Headlamps ] Murmini.com