Auto Tuner Hamann has gotten thier hands on an R56 and given it a few modifications.

>One thing is clear: you will attract attention with the Mini, even in standard trim. The exterior of the Mini could however convey a little more sportiness. HAMANN can help out in this respect, clothing the little runabout in some sporty gear. The HAMANN aerodynamics kit includes a front spoiler to reduce lift, a pair of side sills with integrated, brushed aluminum doorsills, and a two-piece rear diffuser.

>Even though the Mini already has very good handling, HAMANN saw a need for action in this area too. HAMANN height-adjustable coilover suspension promises even greater agility. It comprises four sports shock absorbers and four springs. The suspension can be lowered by up to 50 mm at the front, and by up to 30 mm at the rear. Thanks to its lower center of gravity, the Mini can be pushed through the corners even more like a go-kart than ever.

As far as we can tell, this is the first modded R56 to show up. And it’s not even available in the US.

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