MotoringFile Exclusive: Since the release of the first new MINI in 2001, BMW has used one featured color to introduce each new model. It’s a color that is seen in press photos, advertising and in many reviews. Typically automakers use these featured colors to present a unifed marketing message about a car to the public at large. Many hours of research and color theory goes into a choice that best represents the brand values of the car.

This was seen in 2004 when MINI used Cool Blue and Hot Orange as the featured colors to introduce both the then new Convertible Cooper and Cooper S models. More recently, MINI used Chili Red and Laser Blue for the R56 Cooper and Cooper S.

However with the 2008 MINI Clubman, BMW will step out of it’s typical safe color palette and will go with something that will surely prove more divisive and a bit more… brown. Enter… Hot Chocolate.

Hot Chocolate will be a no-cost, non-metallic dark brown color that will be an exclusive across the 2008 Clubman range (i.e. not available on the coupe or convertible).

MINI has featured several shades of brown over the years but we’re told none is really indicative of what we’ll see with Hot Chocolate. We hope to have a sneak peak at this and other new exterior and interior colors in the coming months. Until then, go brown!