An interesting article over at

>The Ford Mustang, Volkswagen Beetle, heavy American iron such as the Pontiac GTO or Plymouth Fury and even the Yugo — the quintessence of Serbo-Croatian engineering — have achieved a marketer’s dream: cult status.

They actually spotlighted the MINI for this particular article, among a few other vehicles.

>The MINI Cooper is deftly marketed — and that will be evident at the auto show in Detroit — but like your funny Valentine, probably found its way into the hearts of car lovers simply because it’s endearing.

>“I think there is a very enthusiastic customer base bordering on the evangelical,” said Greg Stern, chief executive officer of Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners, the Sausalito, Calif. advertising agency that handles the MINI’s advertising. “Cult interest in a car may be fleeting, and may only last for one model.”

[ On the Road to Cult Status ]