A few weeks ago we reported that MINI had a teaser page up for MINI United 2007. And while they wouldn’t give us details on the where and when, we were more than happy to let you know that our sources were telling us that MINI United 2007 would taking place in the Netherlands at the Zandvoort Race Track during the weekend of June 23rd. Now the when has been made official by the where… so to speak.

The Zandvoort Race Track website is now officially listing (as expected) MINI United for June 23rd through June 24th on it’s 2007 calendar. And since MINI had planned on not releasing this information until the 31st of January, you’ve got to figure they aren’t too happy about the early release on MotoringFile, on the Zandvoort website, and on NewMINIClub.nl.

As usual we’ll be covering all aspects of the event as they unfold and there’s an outside chance we may even be there for the event.


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