In this months Winding Road, they have a very fun piece that is not really versus as much as it is a good comparison of the MCS, the Volkswagon GTI and the Volvo C30 T5

>A Swede, a Brit, and a German wander up an Italian hill to search for a bucket of driving goose bumps.

>Staying sort of true to the squared-off, tin can feel of the original 1360 pound 1960s Mini Cooper S, our nouveau Cooper S hit the nearby scales at just 2601 pounds.

Of course we already know they liked the MINI, but there were a few new additions to the review, especially about the seating.

>You can get two adults back there on a dare, maybe, but you’re better off with little kids, a barrel of small monkeys wearing fezzes, or just one adult human sitting sideways (maybe with a split personality to make it effectively two back there).

They didn’t even mind the run-flat tires too much.

>Whereas we began the day slightly prejudiced against the Dunlop run-flats on the Mini, they performed more than well enough, though their density did thump us slightly over road imperfections.

Winding Road is unique in it’s delivery system. Only available online, not in print, has given them the ability to offer it free of charge. All you have to do is provide an email address so they can tell you when the next print-ready issue is ready for download. For this review alone it is definitely worth subscribing.

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