It would appear we’ve found the answer to yesterday’s question. Its name: Hammer and Coop. We just got a tip that a trailer featuring a MINI played in front of a movie last-night in a New York area theatre. This comes from a reader that happen to walk in as the trailer started:

>It’s like some kind of throw-back movie similar to Starsky and Hutch but with more of a funny Knight Rider feel. The name was Hammer and Coop. It looks hilarious!

So that got us thinking and surfing… and Googling… and we found this:


Another one of the those magical emails we get every so often just showed up in our in-box with a full copy of the Hammer & Coop “trailer”.

Of course you can still go to for a slightly higher quality version.

At this point we know nothing more than what’s on the site but we can surmise it’s some sort of kitschy piece of entertainment a la Starsky and Hutch. We’re hoping to have more very soon. And yes, we think it will be incredibly entertaining based on this trailer. Whatever it is.