After months of waiting we have the first full-size images of the new MINI factory installed aero kit.

With the R56 MINI will be releasing not one but two different aero kits. The kit seen above (and for the first time) is simply branded the “MINI aero kit” and had not been publicly seen outside of a small black and white thumbnail on It will be available as a factory option and as part of the “Hyper Sport Package” and a stand-alone factory accessory.

The first aero released for the R56 (seen directly above) debuted last fall and is being branded a JCW accessory. For the time being it will be available only as a dealer installed item. It’s a fairly aggressive design with a love it or hate it look that has garnered plenty of opinions.

MF Analysis: For anyone who is ordering the R56 in the US and considering the Hyper Sport package – do yourself a favor and don’t even think about checking that box. We’re officially going on record here at MotoringFile and saying the “MINI” Aero kit pictured above is quite possibly the worst OEM accessory ever released. I am actually in awe of it’s awkwardness.

It may be worth noting that MINI’s aero-kit product planning actually precisely follows what BMW does for its 3 Series: One typically gaudy “BMW” aero-kit, a one very nice “M” branded kit.