One of the benefits of attending the recent US press launch was the chance to hear MINI USA Product Manager Jeff Stracco actually introduce the new car in person. Hearing his introduction really gave us some great insight to all that went into the new model. However this sort of thing is unfortunately reserved for only invited journlists (and Dave & I!) so much of insight probably glazed right over their ascot wearing, pipe smoking heads.

Of course that’s really too bad considering the people who would really enjoy hearing it are MotoringFile readers, not some journalist who’s impatiently waiting to race back to the hotel room to hit a Monday morning deadline. So with that in mind I decided to quickly whip out my phone at the last second and hit record to try to capture as much as possible. As luck would have it, I got the entire presentation. So sit back and enjoy knowing that you’re hearing the new MINI introduced to the US the way it was meant to be, by MINI USA’s product manager himself.

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