A classic from the MotoringFile archives, this official PDF details the full parts list and install process for the original 03-04 JCW engine kit. This is the kit without the JCW intake and JCW injectors (responsible for an extra 10bhp). Why are we giving you this PDF now? As the R53 is being put out to pasture, we’ve heard of several MINI dealers discounting these older kits and even breaking them up to sell them more quickly and easily. This document should be considered the essential guide to exactly what these kits contain. A great tool if you’re deciding to pick-up one of these kits or a couple of the components.

[ 200bhp JCW Engine Kit PDF ] Official MINI Install Guide

It’s worth noting that these kits can be installed on a 2005 and 2006 Cooper S as long as you don’t need the JCW exhaust. The reason: the exhaust hangers were redesigned and aren’t entirely compatible with the newer R53s. And of course you can complete the full 2005 style JCW kit with the JCW 10bhp upgrade kit that includes the JCW intake and injectors.


[ JCW MCS 10bhp Upgrade ] Official MINI Install Guide