got to spend some time with the R56 and produced another favorable review.

>It’s easy to admire the modern Mini Cooper. It’s solidly constructed, cozy on the inside, corners like a rock on a string and is cute as the dickens.

>For its 2007 remake, German parent BMW continues with the same basic formula, although some size has been added along with more up-to-date features and content.

>Although the car — which is actually built in Oxford, England — is physically different from the previous model that launched for 2002, the changes are difficult to spot, even when the two are parked side by side.

>This time around, there’s an extra three inches in overall length and about a half-inch more height. The stylists left the Mini’s width untouched while slightly reducing the wheelbase (distance between the front and rear wheels). This mild resizing is most obvious forward of the front wheels where the sheet metal has been stretched to meet European pedestrian-impact regulations.

And finally, a review that does really hate the new interior, really.

>The word “startling” best describes the new Mini Cooper’s cabin, now dominated by a center-stack mounted speedometer that rivals a wall clock for size. It also houses the fuel gauge, assorted warning lights and the optional navigation system.

[ Drivetime: 2007 MINI Cooper]