MF Exclusive: Yesterday we broke the news that MINI would most likely be releasing two JCW vehicles rather than simply offering one JCW product as previously expected. Thanks to sources from three continents, we now have some limited details on the first product, what we’re calling (for the moment) the “Stage One Kit.”

In an effort to possibly bridge the gap between the upcoming high-output JCW MINI (coming for in late 2007 or early 2008) it looks like MINI will release a “Stage One” JCW kit that will have an output somewhere between 190 and 200bhp. Our sources are also telling us that the “Stage One” kit will be available as a dealer retrofit for all R56 MCS’s and will consist of three components:

* Revised air intake
* Less restrictive exhaust
* Revised ECU Software

Rumors seem to point to a debut at the Geneva Motor Show with availability following sometime this Spring. The only pricing figure we’ve seen thus far is 3000 Euros for the European market. And even that pricing is unconfirmed at this point.

However for all those looking for yet more power, your car is still coming. Our sources remain adamant that MINI has something more powerful waiting in the wings for 2008.