With momentum building for BMW’s new “Colorado” (code name only) MINI soft-roader, production plans are starting to take shape. And it was with this knowledge that I posed this specific question to MINI USA VP Jim McDowel; “how important is it to the MINI brand to be built in Oxford?” As we reported on MF a few weeks back, Mr. McDowel’s answer was surprisingly straightforward; “while it’s important for MINIs to be built in Oxford, it shouldn’t be a limiting factor. For instance, BMWs are built in Munich. But that doesn’t stop BMW from having plants in such locations as South Africa and the United States.”

So based on that comment and reports that support it, we know MINI and BMW will be most likely manufacturing the “Colorado” outside of the UK. But does this matter to you as MINI owners and potential buyers? How does the location of the factory impact the brand and how you perceive the heritage? We know you have opinions… lets hear them.