[Last month]( “Announcing the MotoringFile Photo Contest”) we announced the debut of the MotoringFile Photo Contest, and now we’re happy to bring you the results! We had a great month, with 200 photos posted to [the group]( “MotoringFile group on Flickr”) by our nearly 250 members. We saw a huge number of truly fantastic images with everything from [dinosaurs]( and [airplanes]( to [deserts]( and [blizzards]( Unfortunately, we had to pick just a handful.

After much deliberation, the MotoringFile Photo Contest judges present to you the February 2007 winners of the MotoringFile Photo Contest! (click through to see the winners…)

First Place
[![img]( “Mirror image by JonMorgan.”)]( “Mirror image”)
[_Mirror Image_ by Jon Morgan]( “Mirror image”)

The first place prize goes to our man Jon Morgan in Old Blighty. One of the more prolific panderer of pixels, Jon’s brought us some fantastic images this month. Be sure to check out his [other photos on Flickr]( Jon takes home our grand prize of a grille badge from [MotoringBadges](! Jon – let us know where we can send your badge! And Jon is interested, we’d love to have this image join the ranks of the MotoringFile headers.

Runners Up
[![img]( “MINI Repairs by danmanley”)]( “MINI Repairs”)
[_MINI Repairs_ by Dan Manley]( “MINI Repairs”)

Our first runner up this month is youngster Dan Manley who shows us that dirt can still be beautiful.

[![img]( “City_Overlook by cth75”)]( “City_Overlook”)
[_City Overlook_ by cth75]( “City_Overlook”)

Our second runner up is from the mysterious [_cth75_](, taken from what looks to be some kind of lovers’ lane. Is it any wonder he or she is looking to maintain some anonymity?

Honorable Mentions

We wanted to stop at just three photos. But we couldn’t. So here are two more.

[![img]( “nightMINI by dcmini”)]( “nightMINI”)
[_nightMINI_ by dcmini]( “nightMINI”)

[![img]( “Classic mini by BENDER unit22”)]( “Classic mini”)
[_Classic mini_ by Miquel]( “Classic mini”)

Thank you to everyone who entered! This was not a one-shot deal, so get out there and keep taking pictures. We’ll be working on more ways to feature *everyone’s* pictures on MotoringFile in the near future.