While it technically may be a bit early, here is a great story about the anniversary of the conceptual birth of the Mini. It includes 50 things that you may or may not know about the car.

>IT started as a little giant but conquered the world. Perfect for parking, a hot favourite with the stars and simply oozing sex appeal, the Mini celebrates 50 glorious years this month.

>Half a century later, as the new Mini Cooper D is set to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show on Thursday, we look at 50 things you never knew about the Mini.

>1. The Mini’s designer, Turkishborn Alec Issigonis, drew the first sketch on a napkin in a restaurant.

>2. His brief was a body no more than 10ft long which would carry four adults and their luggage.

>3. Issigonis, who was knighted in 1969, gave his designs the code name Mosquito.

>4. There was only an 18in space in which to fit the engine and gearbox. They got round this by turning the engine sideways and mounting the gearbox beneath it in the oil sump.

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