The paper of record gives us their take on the new R56 MINI. Here’s an excerpt:

>THERE are three basic ways to drive a Mini Cooper, each pleasurable.

>First is to pretend you’re Matt Damon in “The Bourne Identity,” grabbing gears and slaloming through traffic as though pursued by assassins.

>Second is to cruise in conserving style, returning up to 40 miles a gallon, thanks to new engines that lift the Mini’s mileage by about 15 percent compared with the previous model.

>Slowest but no less satisfying, there’s the prowl along a packed boulevard; as you slip the Mini into Houdini-tight parking slots, other drivers marvel at the illusion.

>Throw in nearly a half-century of Mini heritage, and it’s no wonder this cheeky Brit has been adopted as the official car of Hipsterville U.S.A., meaning any place with a surplus of espresso and a shortage of elbow room.

You can read the entire review below:

[ There’s More Than Meets the Eye ] New York Times (free reg. required)

Hat tip to Rob for the link