We’re going to go on record and say that “Car Crazy” is probably one of our least favorite car related shows on TV. From the cheese-ball production to the very un-even content, it can be a chore to watch. However once in awhile, they score with a fantastic interview with a real star of the automotive world. This week they managed to sit down and talk with the R50 and R53 MINI designer Frank Stephenson.

Frank has been a big supporter of MotoringFile since way back in 2003 and it’s great to hear him talk about the car that not only made him a house-hold name in the automotive world, but seemingly catapulted him to his recent positions has head of design at Ferrari, Maserati and now Fiat. The only downside, you have to sit through about two minutes of terrible set-up before you get to the actual interview. But don’t worry, it’s worth it.

[ Frank Stephenson ] Car Crazy