After a month’s delay, MINI USA’s first Motorby Key-fobs will be arriving in the hands of the owners selected for the pilot program this week. Participants will receive an envelope that contains one black box. Upon opening the box, owners will be greeted with the theme to a 2001 Space Odyssey (no joke) and their new key-fob. Also inside the box that is also a short note and simple instructions on how everything works. It’s executed in the classic MINI campaign language we’ve all come to know and love. Here’s an excerpt:

>Take a minute. Let it soak in. Maybe even give yourself a high-five. For you, the roadways will never be the same again.

For those that may have missed the original story, here’s some background information about the campaign:

>With a healthy dose of creativity and a sprinkling of convergence, MINI USA has launched its latest advertising campaign aimed at MINI owners. Earlier today MINI USA sent emails to select owners asking them to join the “pilot” version of a new program called Motorby. The program features the same interactive digital billboards we pointed out a few weeks back and are currently located around Chicago, New York, Miami and San Francisco. Unfortunately at that time we couldn’t go into details as to why they were going to be cool. Now we can.

>The idea is simple, first give MINI USA some irreverent information about yourself (nothing too personal). MINI USA then sends out a special key-fob (4-6 weeks after sign-up) that identifies you to each of the Motorboards you pass. When the boards detect that you are about the drive by, they deliver a personal message based on the information you originally gave.

Now that the key-fobs are out in the wild, expect MINI to keep a close eye on the success of the program And assuming participants dig the personal advertising, look for MINI USA and BSSP to roll-out the program to a larger audience later this year.