For the better part of a year we here at MotoringFile have been saying (and confirming) that the MINI Clubman would only have one rear coach door and it would be on the right-side of the car in all world market. However many automotive publications firmly believed (no matter how naive) that BMW would be swapping locations of the door for right-hand drive markets.

Recently BMW spoke with Auto Express (one such publication) about the decision to only place the rear coach door on the right-side of the car:

>There are valid arguments for not having the doors on either side of the car, of which cost is one, explained a spokeswoman for MINI. But whatever the layout, the single door on the left will still be long enough to give excellent access to the rear seats as it is on the three-door MINI.

So this should finally (as if it wasn’t many months ago) put to rest the debate on the location of the rear coach door.

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