Besides having problems with 5th gear (journalists aren’t all great drivers) and not liking the Speedo, they really seemed to like the car.

>…the engine is terrific, as are most of the essentials, such as steering, brakes, etc. And $23,000 is not a bad price (options included a sport package with 17-inch wheels, dynamic stability control, headlamp power wash, xenon headlights and hood stripes; sport leather steering wheel, and rear fog lamps.

>…Luckily, the little car still screams like a go-kart, in turbo-assisted acceleration and in sprightly cornering and instant braking. The car is just fabulous to drive hard.

>Oh, and they moved the cupholders aft so that normal cups fit. Hate it when I notice things like that.

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[ 2007 MINI Cooper S ]