The wait is over. Today we’re happy to debut the 2007 MINI United and 2007 MINIs on the Dragon magnetic Motoring Badges. And instead of limiting the badges to their respective events, we’re going to make them available to everyone starting today at

Both badges feature the increasingly popular black and silver metallic color combo. The United badge also has a subtle dark grey metallic checker that is a first on the badges. And both are coated in the same UV protectant that will make them last for years through all kinds of weather.


For those who are new to the MotoringBadge scene, the badges are magnetic and designed to be used with MINI’s official grille badge holder. They are made from high-quality materials that will not fade in the sun. You can get a single badge for $7.50 and a set of six for only $37 (bottom of each page). And for those who have no more room on their grilles we also offer high-quality decals of each badge priced at $4.50.

A Selection of The Classics

And of course we still stock all the classics. Here’s a small sampling of the 100+ badges we have available…

And don’t forget our very popular R50 and R53 original Motorer badges. With the R50 and R53 MINI coupes now both out of production, they’ve taken on a greater meaning for many of us.

Badge Holders

Don’t forgot almost all our sponsors now offer a magnetic badge holder. Both and now have their own grille badge holders. You can find information below on both of the 3rd party badges and where to get the OEM version if you prefer the tried and true original.

Outmotoring Grille Badge Holder / 17.95 (ships internationally)

Craven Speed Grille Badge Holder / $16.95 (ships internationally)

You can also get the OEM MINI grille badge holder (part #: 51 13 0 406 752) from the following MotoringFile sponsors:

MyMini: $14 (Ships internationally)

Morristown MINI $17.50

MINI of Manhattan $25

Patrick MINI $25

Prestige MINI$25

R56 Fittment

The original OEM badge holder will not fit 2007 MINI Coupes with the slat grille – basically all One, Cooper and Cooper D models. However MINI will be releasing a new and improved holder later this spring that will. So if you’re an R56 One or Cooper owner, you can buy a badge knowing that MINI will have a holder available for you very soon. The 2007 Cooper S with the mesh grille can still use the original holder. However the new and improved holder will also fit.

MotoringBadges is a partnership between MotoringFile and ToddsMods.