Since we’ve had a few requests for more info about the new MINI 50 Years book (just released in the US) here’s the official press release from MBI Publishing.

Publisher Press Release: No little car has had such a big impact on car lovers worldwide as the MINI. In his new book, MINI 50 Years, recognized MINI expert Rob Golding tells the full story of the iconic car from its initial launch in the late 1950s through its current super-hip BMW-built incarnation right up to the current version.

The threads that tie together the original MINI and today’s are numerous and fascinating, and as interesting as the differences that set the two cars apart. MINI 50 Years follows them all. From the swingin’ star of movies immortalized in the original film The Italian Job in 1961 and again in the 2003 remake, as well as in The Bourne Identity to the racing champ and now the 21st-century hipster vehicle of choice. Golding makes the readers feel as if they where in the room with the decision makers that crafted the little car that could with care. MINI 50 Years gives readers an insider’s view on the changes and evolution of the car over the years. Author Rob Golding demonstrates what gives the car its unique character from the fast car of John Cooper’s day to the sexy BMW built car of tomorrow.

Packaged in a clever “under the hood” flap with magnetic clasp (the front flap opens to show the engine), MINI 50 Years captures both the sense of fun and style that have made MINI one of the most popular compacts in the history of the automotive industry. Author and MINI expert Rob Golding treats readers to every thrill that marks the MINI.