miniRobert fills in for Gabe while he is at the Dragon. While he is not here, you can find him doing movie reviews and providing some great business advice. Be sure to check those out! Also, if you have any tips for Robert so he can sneak into the Owners Lounge, comment below.

Show off your Motoringbadges! Let us see your collections. There might be a prize involved.

Todd is starting to hear noises in the GP. Sound effects ensue.

Possible WRR Meet-up at the plant in Oxford. Anyone interested? Oh yea, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out the MINI United Flickr Group.

When we do finally get around to news, we talk first about some MINI United stuff, then the little bit of news from Motoringfile. And if you are one of the MINIs that will be driving through the Chunnel, we have a few recommedations for you.

Any ideas for the abbreviation for the Clubman?

Woofcast #153: [audio:]

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