As before, CNET has gotten a chance to review the R56.

>No one but a car geek would spot it, but the 2007 Mini Cooper S gets some big changes over its predecessor. First, the new Cooper is about 2.5 inches longer. There are a few styling differences from the previous generation, a new engine, and an HD radio option. But it doesn’t compromise the Mini look at all, and its performance is even better than its predecessor’s.

>We’ve tested a lot of small, sporty hatchbacks recently, such as the Mazda Mazdaspeed Mazda3 and the Volkswagen GTI. The Mini bests them all in looks and quality. Although the Mini has a smaller engine, the power train makes the car feel more drivable, with the engine and transmission finely engineered to work together. And this engineering quality extends to other aspects of the car, such as the audio system.

Yet another great review. Click through for a short video as well.

It might be me, but doesn’t this look like the same MINI Gabe drove to the Dragon?

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