miniRobert joins us again while Gabe was at MoTD.

Again we start off talking about food. At least it’s not the weather eh?

Robert might have a 2 MINI household soon. As soon as he can talk his wife into giving up the Mustang.

A little club talk. What happened to all the Canadian MINI enthusiasts? Clubs in the US are going gangbusters, while not so much in the Great White North. Comment below with your thoughts.

Todd still has love for the xB. No, really, he does. Don’t let him fool you!

Can anyone heel/toe in Birkenstocks?

Then we get in some great rant time about the price of gas. I’m happy to have finally found someone that has to pay as much as I did. It’s really time to start complaining about this again we think. Oh yea, plus some more tips on how to save gas. Let us know your thoughts on the price of gas in the comments below. Paying too much? Not enough? Let us know!

It’s really something that we were able to actually get this show up tonight. We had serious connection issues tonight due, no doubt, in part to packet shaping by the Canadian ISPs. That’s part of the reason for the echo.

Come back next week when Gabe returns. I’m sure he’s going to be talking about the Dragon, the R56 and the R56 at the Dragon.

Woofcast #154: [audio:]

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