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We gave Todd the night off so he could work on getting his house ready to sell. I would also like to start by apologizing for the audio quality. I just couldn’t get the levels right. It will be better next week!

WRR is now on Facebook for those of you that play there. You can check out the WRR Group here.

We do spend some time talking about Gabe’s spec and the parting out of his R53. He is going to be selling his leather dash too, but you have to be local to Chicago or not mind the drive. If you are interested, leave a note below.

And we talked again about buying a used MINI and what to watch out for a little bit. Gabe and I are still working on the R50/R53 buyers guide and should have it done before we head to MINI United. This is something we talked about before way back on Woof 26. We do a little mind changing this time around, especially when buying an early build car, but only if you can get a warranty from the dealer.

If any of you out there Dark Silver owners have put an Aero kit on your MINI and you still have the original front and rear bumpers, Brian Black is in need of them. Or, if your dealer has a set that they would be willing to donate, again, leave a note below.

Finally, for those of you that missed it, we did broadcast the show live via with both audio and video! It was actually so cool that we will be doing that again this week. Check back on Thursday between 9:00 EST / 6:00PM PST and 11:00 EST / 8:00PM PST. The video is quite good and so is the audio. In fact, if you only wanted to listen live this is the best option I have come across yet. We’ll be able to answer your questions live as well. See you Thursday!

Woofcast #160: [audio:]

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