For all you US based diesel fans, here’s your chance to be heard. Everyone by now knows my interests in alternative fuel vehicles. Most of the diesel posts are mine, and I’m always leaving comments, even in the posts I make! Not to mention all of the posts I have made on my motoring blog concerning alternative fuel vehicles.

While the thought of a hybrid is exciting to me, and many of you I’m sure, what are our choices? Nothing that we can really get excited about. Not to mention the cost of replacing the batteries about 3-5 years. Not something I would really look forward to.

We also know that BMW has a diesel engine ready to come to the US in the form of the X5 in ’08 (and possibly a diesel powered 5 series in ’09). If they are bringing it here, it must be ready to pass smog inspection in the toughest air-quality standard states, including California.

And now MINI has that brand new diesel Cooper. Increased fuel economy (approximately 60MPG on the US cycle), cleaner burning (the cleanest burning car they make) and lots of cool technology. Plus, as much torque as an R56 MCS at 2,000 RPM makes this car look very attractive.

But there currently aren’t any plans for MINI to bring this car to North America. We can speculate on the why, but that’s not terribly productive. Instead, I say we get together and try to convince MINI to bring the diesel powered MINI to North America.

To that end, we present you, the fine Motoringfile reader, with the following questions.

  1. Would you seriously purchase a diesel powered MINI?
    • If your answer is no, would $5+ a gallon change your mind?
  2. What would you expect to pay as a premium for the Cooper D over the standard Cooper?
  3. How would driving a diesel benefit you?

You know what to do. I’ll be keeping a close eye on the spam filters to make sure all of the comments get through.