Later this summer MINI will be releasing an updated JCW suspension designed to fit on all R56 MINIs. The new version of this kit differs slightly from the previous version in that it now includes both front and rear stabilizer bars. The addition of the larger sway bars is meant to further help with neutral handling at the limit and allow for most stability out of corners. We at MotoringFile have often thought of the previous JCW suspension kit as the most underrated of all factory accessories. With the R56’s lighter aluminum rear suspension and the addition of upgraded front and rear sway bars, this new version promises to be even better.

The new JCW Suspension Kit (like the previous) drops the car around 1cm (or 0.3937 inches). So it doesn’t exactly slam the car but it does subtly lower it without sacrificing everyday driveability.

Also of note MINI has designed the suspension to allow for one version to accommodate almost all configurations of R56 MINIs. Previously MINI had to create several models of suspension kits to work with R50/R53s that had different weights due to things like optional sunroofs. This new version will allow for dealers to simplify their ordering and stocking process.

You can see the official installation PDF below:

[ R56 JCW Suspension PDF ] Official MINI Install Instructions

Note: The above PDF is not really suitable for DYI instructions as it doesn’t detail actual installation procedures.