Over the last few weeks we’ve featured a number of videos shot at this year’s MINI’s on the Dragon event. For this week’s video Friday (yes, a day late) we thought it might be appropriate to put them all in one post for the ultimate look back at MOTD 2007. Enjoy…

Tail of the Dragon Video: The Full Run

Here’s the video that best sums up the Dragon experience. Unfortunately several sections had to be cut out due to some traffic, but I think you generally get the idea. And keep in mind that this particular run was done casually with some regard for the law.

For the technically inclined, this video was originally shot in HD on a Sanyo HD2. However at over 1 Gig, hosting the file would have presented some problems.

2007 MCS Test Drive at the Dragon (Part 1, 2 and 3)

This is the first in a series of MOTD videos driving the new 2007 MCS. In this first video I take off from a Western point on the Dragon and drive into Deals Gap. We’ll have a few videos that feature strictly in-car footage of the road itself coming later this week.

In this portion I drive from the middle of the Tennessee side to Deal’s Gap and the Tree of Shame. As you can tell by my school-boy giddiness, it’s probably the tightest and twistiest spot on the entire road.

In this last portion I drive from Deal’s Gap towards Fontana Village. It’s not technically the “Dragon” but it’s a faster sweeping road that has am endearing character all it’s own.

Tail of the Dragon Video: The Night Run

Another view of the Dragon, this time at night. It’s accompanied by the song that many around the MF Cabin last week came to know as my anthem, North American Scum by LCD Soundsystem. Enjoy.

Tail of the Dragon Video: The Way Down

The last of our Dragon video footage for 2007, this is a full compilation of all video I shot from my garage in Chicago to our Cabin at Fontana. It gives you a small window into our 10 hour drive that day – including a shortened version of the ‘Dragon Night Run’ posted last week. For a little continuity, I’ve synced it to another LCD Soundsystem song; “Jump into the Fire”. Unfortunately there’s no iTunes link as it’s only available on a 7″ vinyl single from the UK. But if you’re dying to hear more, there’s always the vintage Harry Nilsson version or your friend and mine, Google.

And to bring it full circle, below is a photo of the car and the driver featured in all these videos. Actually the photo was taken while filming the “Full Run” video at the top of this page.