Part of the fun one has in building a MINI is following its progress from the MA’s computer to the factory floor and so on. With this MINI I had told myself that I wouldn’t get caught up in following the car through the various stages on a daily basis. For one, you quickly learn that the tracking systems (MINI USA’s system) can be at least a day behind reality. I’ve found that just serves to generally confuse the issue.

Yet, as my car entered production earlier this week I’ve found myself calling 866 ASK MINI, checking the Owners Lounge for updates, and calling my MA David Olenick like a giddy MINI newbie. But last night I got exactly what I was hoping for; iron-clad proof of where my car was in the production process. One of our many friends at the Oxford plant emailed to say that he had not only seen my car but personally worked on it. He went on to say:

>It genuinely touched me that for once, I have ‘closure’ (for want of a better word) on work that I have carried out. For once I know where and who a car that I have produced is going to, and strangely enough that’s quite important to me!

My Astro Black 2007 Cooper S officially rolled off the assembly line at 12:35am (GMT) June 7th and is now awaiting transport to what I can only hope will be the Integrity which leaves port on the 9th. Which any luck I should have it just inside four weeks from today.