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For those of you that didn’t hear, Southern California resident Robert Apon really wanted to attended MINI United 2007, but in his MINI. Countless hours and a lot of money later, Robert had the only MINI at Zandvoort with California plates!

Robert is currently working his way across Europe, visiting family and friends. Naturally, he is blogging his adventure.

>I’ll have much more to post about MINI United, but I thought I’d post a picture of a very special moment. If you’ve scrolled down through my blog you’ve noticed that I not only have a full JCW conversion, I also have the 225 HP Cooper Motorsport High Performance Derivative engine upgrade that was formerly available from John Cooper Motorsport. In the picture above I’m at my car with Michael Cooper, the son of John Cooper and principal of Cooper Motorsport (now a part of the BMW family).

He has pictures and even some video!

We also had the chance to talk to him for WRR. Great guy with an amazing story!

WRR Interview: Robert Apon [audio:]

[ Robert’s Blog ]

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