US MINI owners and enthusiasts, here’s your chance to talk directly to the man who has all the answers, MINI USA Product Manager “Stracco”. Like our first “Ask Stracco” last year, your questions will form the basis of our interview.

Here’s how it works. Post your question(s) in the comments section before this Friday at 12pm EST. After picking the best of the bunch, we’ll hand them over to Mr. Stracco. Once he warms up the magic eight-ball you should expect his answers right here on MF in about a week’s time.

Questions can be about anything MINI product related. Something like; “why don’t we get the Cooper D” or, “when is Jet Black coming back” would be perfect. A questions like, “why did my armrest break” probably won’t get answered.

At 12pm this Friday (the 13th!) we’ll pick the best of the lot for the interview. You’ve got 48 hours – have at it!

Comments are now closed. Look for answered in about a week’s time.