We’ve had a coupe emails asking about my new MCS and its status. By now I had hoped to not only have pictures of my new car but to also have a week’s worth of impressions to share. With the car sitting at the VPC in South Carolina for the 2nd week in a row, that’s unfortunately impossible. The installation of the JCW body kit and the iPod adapter has apparently put my car (in what seems to be) in a very slow moving queue out the door. It’s missed two ship dates now including yesterday. Had things gone to plan it would have been at Knauz MINI July 3rd or 5th. And even that would have represented a moderate wait considering it arrived on US soil on the 23rd on June.

My MA David Olenick has been fantastic in keeping me updated and contacting the VPC regularly. But it’s simply a waiting game at this point that few people have control over.

Another change of plans has been the timing of both the JCW Engine and Suspension kits. With the delay of both, my car will be delivered in stock form and will remain that wait until the suspension is installed in a week or two. The engine kit will most likely be sent out in late July for an early August install. Of course I’ll have thoughts on the install and performance as soon as possible.

All of this wouldn’t be so bad had I not sold my previous MINI almost a month ago! However, at the end of the day I’m just thrilled to be getting exactly what I want in such a relatively short time frame.