BMW officially denied a report Wednesday from a leading German financial magazine that MINI was struggling to make a profit. Here’s an excerpt from a Reuters article:

>Manager magazin wrote in an advance copy of its Friday edition that some people at BMW are in favor of producing a Mini sport utility vehicle due in 2010 on a joint platform with the A-Class made by BMW’s archrival, Mercedes-Benz.

>It said the reason for the unofficial talks with Mercedes over joint Mini/A-Class production was the current difficulty BMW had to pull Mini back into the black, and that the brand would be close to posting a loss even if Mini’s Oxford plant in central England were to produce at full capacity.

>The introduction of the Mini in 2001 was a resounding success for BMW, which only last year expanded its Oxford plant to rev up sales of the second generation model, rolled out in mid-November, to around 240,000 units come next year.

You can read the entire article below:

[ BMW denies report Mini fighting to stay profitable ] Reuters

MF Analysis: This news seems to tie-in with the recent rumors of a possible Mercedes/BMW partnership based around the MINI and the A-Class. However now we get a bit of potential background as to why a partnership may be necessary.

With only two years until the 2010 model year is upon us, it would seem that time is quickly running out for this partnership to become reality. If both companies are going to commit to working together, we’d imagine it would either have had to happen by now or the projects are going to be pushed back.