As we’ve reported over the last year, there are two likely production locations for the new MINI Cross-over. One of those is owned and operated by Magna International in Austria. The Globe Investor is reporting that Magna is now officially negotiating with BMW AG to build the larger MINI. Here’s an excerpt:

>Magna International Inc. is negotiating with BMW AG to build a sport-utility-vehicle version of the auto maker’s popular Mini cars, industry sources in Europe said yesterday.

>The vehicle would be called the Mini Colorado, a source in Detroit said, and Magna’s Steyr plant in Graz, Austria, would assemble about 65,000 of the vehicles annually.

[ Magna in talks to build a much bigger Mini ] Globe Investor

MF Analysis: Magna has quite a bit of experience working with BMW in production of the X3 and also built the Euro version Chrysler 300 until recently. However sources are telling us that this isn’t a done deal as of yet. With currency values the way they are today, the idea of producing more BMW and MINI vehicles in the US (at the Spartanburg Plant) is still an attractive one.

One area where the article is wrong is in the naming of the new car. The name “Colorado” that we scooped last year is in fact simply an internal code-name and not meant for production.