miniTodd throws some shout-outs to the KC club, we talk a little bit about the Clubman’s engine and Gabe gets his R56. Which he talks about even more on Woof #170. And, db went to the Fireballed! SeminarBQ and got a scoop from Fireball Tim about the shops involvement with Street Tuner Challenge on SpeedTV. More on that will be coming later in the week.

And, of course, news of the week from There wasn’t that much news, but each item we discussed in greater than normal detail since there were quite a few hot button topics.

Again, we go a bit long, but we really had a lot to talk about. Oh yea, we are looking for click monkeys! If you happen to have iTunes open, go the WRR page (link below) and click the subscribe button as many times as you like. We are seeing if this still works on the iTunes Podcast charts, and I really like to see WRR above the Autoblog podcast.

Woofcast #169: [audio:]

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