Update: The switch is complete and the site now online. As it turns out it was only down for a very short time.

Late (as in after 1am EST/-5 GMT) MotoringFile will be moving to a new and more robust server and host. Anytime a site moves hosts the DNS must change around the web. That can mean different downtime depending on your ISP.

Typical downtime can be just a few hours – meaning that the site will be back online by the morning. However in some cases your ISP might not update DNS as frequently and downtime can range as high as 24 hours. However that is fairly rare and probably won’t affect but a few. For readers in the UK and Europe, your morning browsing may be slightly affected again depending on your ISP’s ability to update DNS.

What do you have to do? Nothing. Bookmarks and RSS feeds will stay the same. You can just sit back and enjoy a new and shiny MF (most likely) by Wednesday morning.