As anticipation builds for the release of the new (dealer installed) JCW kit for the R56, more details are starting to trickle out. And thanks to one of our trusty sources, we now have the full parts list of the kit to share with you.

* JCW air filter system
* Stainless steel exhaust (with less restrictions as compared to the stock unit)
* Exhaust manifold (for operation at higher temperatures)
* Turbocharger air filter air guide (to allow better cooling)
* Modified engine electronics system
* Activation code for engine control unit (specific to VIN)
* JCW emblems for front grille and tailgate
* JCW engine badge with serial kit number
* JCW certificate of authenticity

It may be worth noting that the “Activation code for the engine control unit” is reportedly the thing holding up the kits from being sold and shipped to dealers at this time. Once that is cleared up, the kits should be available in early August.

In other JCW news, we’ve also learned that official fuel economy figures are expect to remain identical to the standard Cooper S. We’re told that, while the engine is more powerful, the new components are just as efficient as the parts they replace.