MF Exclusive: MINI will be taking the “Always Open” slogan to new levels with the 2009 MINI Convertible. As part of the advertising strategy, MINI is developing a gauge in the car that will tell you the percentage of time you’ve had the roof down. The hope is that it will encourage owners to live the “open” lifestyle even further. Expect this gauge to be placed somewhere near the tachometer.

We’ve also learned that MINI will be leaving the top design essentially unchanged with one notable exception. Based on recent insider information (and backed-up by spy photos), MINI will be doing away with the roll-hoops seen in the R52. Instead we can expect a pop-up system similar to the one found on the BMW 3 Series convertible. Replacing the roll-hoops in favor of a pop-up system would go a long way in making the word “open” a bit more meaningful.

We’ll have more updates we the car gets closer to it’s Spring 2009 launch.