A surprising well written and information rich piece. Here’s an excerpt:

>If you could bottle fun, this is what the bottle would look like. From the nifty little steering wheel that invites the perfect hand positions at 3 and 9 o’clock to the big chunky shift knob and solid, firm pedals, you are surrounded by stimuli that will convey a sense of driving excitement that very few cars on the road can match, and most of those cars are either much more expensive or even less practical. It’s nearly indescribably fun to be attached to that steering wheel, flicking your wrists for a lane change, finding that apex on a long highway ramp, gradually turning into it and clipping it on the way to hammering down the gas and feeling the little 1.6 buzz into a frenzy as the turbo whooshes into action to send this lightweight, pint-sized racer merging into freeway traffic, already eclipsing the fastest cars before third gear even runs out. Every inch of pavement seems to giggle in glee and cheer the Mini on, with the Cooper S passing on these happy little messages every step of the way.

While is a very positive review overall, I can’t help but feel a little weary of anyone who can’t feel the difference with the sport button on.

[ 2007 Mini Cooper S Road Test ] automobile.com